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Our Air Freight Service is fast and efficient, connecting you between shipment origin and destination. Our experienced team will ensure a professional management of your cargo throughout the entire process from A to Z.

With our network of international agents, your shipment is sure to reach its destination on time.

Motor Vehicle Clearance

Are you dreaming about getting a new car? Let First Choice Shipping do it for you. We can source, ship and clear your dream car for you… Wake up to the reality.

Motor Vehicle sourcing and parts

Contact: Glenford Clarke
1(954) 562 4683
Honda BMW Audi Mercedes Benz




Ocean Freight shipping offers an economical solution for both large and small shipments.  Whether you are using less-than-container (LCL), full-container-load (FCL) or multi-mode shipping services.  With scalable capacity options year round you can rely on our delivery commitments. 

From ship to truck you will benefit from our efficient multi-mode service with your container arriving at the destination intact.  Our services alleviate time-intensive handovers and deliver your cargo in a timely manner.



We provide special trucking rates on request for our customers. Crating and packaging are done on request. We also offer Door-to-Door services from origin to port, port to the origin and in-country door to door. No matter the size or distance we safely and securely deliver your shipment to you.

Returning Residents

There is no need to stress yourself with the pressures of relocating. Thinking about relocating? The only thing we do not move is your house and that is because we have not yet figured out a way to move it.

There are Associations available to assist with sensitizing you as a   returning or retired resident.


We also do future set up, mount items on the wall, stove and refrigerator installation and so much more. We offer you a complete room set up for your home.

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Can’t be bothered with the hassle on the Wharf or at the Airport?..

Well... worry no more, because First Choice Shipping Company will do the run-around for you, and all you have to do is to come to our office with your vehicle and pick up your goods, and if you choose not to, we will certainly deliver your goods for you.

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